Here’s a peek at IRON COWGIRL that will be releasing later this week!  IRON COWGIRL  is book two in the TEN SLEEP DREAMING series!


Michal sat at a corner table and released a deep breath after swallowing a drink of Outlaw Amber. She had a beer maybe twice a month, and the week she’d put in called for a one of those times to be that night. The Friday night local band playing at the Ten Sleep Brewery was playing some of the older country tunes, and the music from outside where the band played on the unique stage of the flatbed of the 1950s era truck floated over her as she chose a seat inside. She allowed herself the slightest smile at the twang of a Mark Chestnut classic, “Ol’ Country”. Only in her mind, instead of a country boy and city girl meeting up for a weekend tryst, it was a Wyoming gal and a very well put together city Marine getting together to set the sheets on fire.

“Hey, Michal. You savin’ this chair for me?”

The well put together Marine she’d been dreaming about slid into the chair opposite her wooden booth bench and winked before she could say yes or no. Michal rolled her eyes and sighed. She shouldn’t have let her fantasies run loose; somehow they’d conjured the subject of most of them since she’d spent the Fourth of July between his strong legs, his arms wrapped around her. He’d declared his intention to marry her when he bit into one of the chocolate chip cookies she’d brought. Instinct told her he was only half teasing.

“Guess so.” Why she said that and not ‘go to hell’ she could only blame on the lack of desire to fight and the memory of his hand caressing her arm. She just wanted to relax, but at the moment, there wasn’t a relaxed muscle in her body.

He leaned forward, and long blond eyelashes shielded the dark blue of his narrowed gaze. “You look beautiful tonight.”

Her gaze dropped to the plain blue v-neck t-shirt top and her jeans. Plain brown boots finished the outfit.

“Not your clothes, woman, you.”

Michal kept her gaze lowered, hoping to hide how much his words hit right to her heart. “Kind of forward, City, for just one night watching fireworks.”

“But not too early for nicknames. Okay, Lucky Charms.”

She frowned and met his gaze so he could clearly see her displeasure. “What the hell does that mean?”

He tipped his beer mug toward her chest where her horseshoe necklace rested. “Horseshoes, Irish heritage, makes sense. That’s how we do it in the Corps.” He leaned in closer, and his mouth curved in a wicked smile. “And I bet you are magically delicious.”

Michal took a drink of the amber brew to hide her pleasure in the name. “Aren’t you supposed to be with Jared and Lucy?”

“They’re out on a date, and her parents are watching Eli. I saw the big “BEER” sign like a beacon welcoming me home.”

She laughed despite the silent vow she’d made that Nick wouldn’t get to her.

“You wanna dance?”


“Come on, Lucky Charms, I’m not on one knee; I’m just asking for a dance.”

He stood and held out a hand. Michal placed her hand in his and smiled as his large, calloused hand swallowed hers. He gave a tug, bringing her up. He didn’t let her hand go as he led her outside to an area cleared for dancing. He tugged her close, and she almost groaned as the band covered Doug Stone’s, “A Different Light”. It was a favorite of hers—the part of her wishing a man would see beyond the tough farrier to the woman who needed to be held just as Nick was holding her at that moment.

She roped his neck with her arms and pressed close as he rested his hands on her hips, and they moved to music. She would enjoy this dance and this man holding her for the almost four minutes of the song. After the song, she’d point out a few of the women Lucy’s age, or Jared’s age. Nick must be about thirty-five like Jared since they were the same rank.

He pulled her closer, and she felt all those iron muscles brushing against her. And when she inhaled deeply, his spicy scent acted like a drug, drawing her closer and leaving her aching for more. The night air was heavy, and the music swallowed them. They were in a darkened area, leaving Michal feeling like they were in their own world. He brushed a kiss on her forehead; Michal lifted her gaze to meet his, and her lips parted, inviting him to taste her.

The last note played, and Michal broke from his arms. “I’ve gotta go. Thanks for the dance.”

Old Country by Mark Chesnutt

Differnt Light by Doug Stone

Copyright 2016 Kirsten Lynn

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