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YEEEEE-HAAAW!! GEM SIVAD is back at the campfire with her newest Eclipse Heat release, TROUBLE IN DISGUISE !! I haven’t seen this much excitement round the fire since a jackrabbit ran through camp and one of the hounds took after it and knocked over Cookie’s bean pot!! Why some of the boys got so worked up they went and took a bath before they thought better of it! I can’t wait to read Deacon and Miri’s story and you won’t want to miss out on this one folks!

I’ll be away from camp for a bit today, but I’ll check in from time to time. Meanwhile, Cookie will be here keeping the coffee hot and the beans burned (and sidlin’ up to Gem the wily ol’ coot).

Enough from me, here’s Gem and her HAWT new release!  

Good morning, Kirsten. Pour a cup of brew and help me celebrate the release of the fifth title in my Eclipse Heat series—Trouble In Disguise! As soon as my coffee mugs arrive, I’m sending one your way. J And—since I mentioned mugs—the winner of my Wild and Wicked Cowboys  Eclipse Heat mug give away is *drum roll…* Cindy H. Congrats Cindy!!

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Trouble In Disguise is a steamy historical western with a former minister as the hero. It took me a while to figure out where and with whom Robert “the Deacon” McCallister would find love. But after revisions, edits, more revisions and painful cuts (picture doing surgery on your own child) my third McCallister bounty hunter is here. J Since we’re already at the campfire, I’d like to share a scene.



Even before Ketchum trotted to Possum’s side and sat down, Miri knew they were being followed. Since she preferred knowing who was on her trail, she figured it was time to find out. She camped for the night, built a small fire and made a show of grooming Possum before fading into the surrounding shadows with Ketchum leading the way in their investigation. Any predators lurking in her path scurried away at the approach of the big wolf guiding her.

She and Ketchum were squirming on their bellies on the ground using the twilight and half darkness for cover when her quarry struck a lucifer and lit his cigar.

“Lose something?” Deacon drawled.

Miri felt like a fool. Ketchum growled at the same time his tail thumped. Evidently her wolf couldn’t decide whether to bite Deacon McCallister or lick him. Miri had the same problem. She stood and brushed the dirt off her buckskins before she answered in Beau’s voice, “You followin’ me fer a reason, McCallister?”

“I decided to hold back from coming into your camp for the night until you’d made a fire and put the coffee on. Catch.”

Miri caught the jack he tossed.

“I brought supper. You cook.”

“Maybe I don’t want company.”

“Get used to it. Until we find the counterfeiter’s plates, we’re partnering.” Deacon delivered his astonishing opinion before he grunted and rode past her toward her camp, leaving her standing in the dark holding a dead rabbit.

“Ketchum,” she muttered in her best Beau voice, “I think we’re looking at trouble. What say you?” The big wolf whined, nudging the rabbit in her hand and reminding her to get moving. Now this was a quandary for certain. She’d ridden away to put distance between her and Deacon McCallister and he’d followed her.

I don’t think I can sleep across from him and not crawl into his bedroll. She groaned. Darn it, she’d been planning on stretching out by the fire and reliving her Pleasure Dome experiences. Now here was the real-life version of Deacon stomping all over those plans as he bullied his way into her camp, dogging Beauregard’s heels and impeding Miri’s happy dreams.

Her theory that one taste of Deacon would be enough was not proving true. She swallowed, trying to tamp down her lust. Reminding herself to focus on reclaiming her prisoner, she returned to camp where Deacon had made himself at home. He’d already removed his saddle and commenced brushing down his horse when she and Ketchum entered the camp.

“McCallister, you’ve got a lot of nerve showing up here.” She threw the rabbit back at him. “I’ve got my own food.”

“So be it,” he agreed amiably enough. He didn’t say another word.

Miri pulled her hardtack and jerky from her saddle bags and sat by her fire, daring him to pour himself a cup of her coffee. She was mesmerized by her proximity to the man who simultaneously enraged and aroused her.

She chewed her tough jerky watching as Deacon deftly skinned, cleaned and spit the carcass of the rabbit. Then he set the meat aside to build his own fire. He finished grooming his horse as the flames burned low enough for cooking.

Using a metal rod he pulled from his saddle bag, Deacon propped the meat over the coals, rotating the spit and browning the meat on all sides. Juice sizzled as it dropped on the fire. Miri’s stomach growled as she watched. It was almost less torture to look at Deacon.

Whiskers had grown back, covering the lower half of his face. The new growth looked more black than red in the half light of camp. She shivered and hunched closer to her fire, remembering how she’d watched him shave his beard off. Desperately she snarled in Beauregard’s meanest tone, “McCallister, I don’t know what yer up to, but I’m guessing it ain’t to my benefit.”

“Sure it is. You think too small, Beauregard. I’m going to help you find the plates, catch a gang of counterfeiters and collect the bounty on all of them. In return for my help, you’re going to introduce me to the young woman I met at the Pleasure Dome.”

Miri choked so hard on her biscuit she spilled her coffee. Deacon crossed the space between them and thumped her back until she wheezed and quit coughing. Then he filled his cup with her coffee, handed her a plate with a piece of rabbit meat on it and retreated to his side of the camp.

Well don’t that beat all? I guess he was partial to how it felt too. But I can’t very well say hello, Deacon. Nice seeing you again. By the way, I’m a female…


 Eclipse Heat series

Since both his partners have married and retired from the hunt, Deacon McCallister is alone when he visits the Pleasure Dome, an infamous brothel in Fort Worth’s Hell’s Half Acre. He’s tracking a counterfeiter but what he finds is TROUBLE—dressed in a man’s ruffled shirt and nothing more.


Bounty hunter Miracle Beauregard pretends to be male, calls herself Beau and for years has fooled the general public concerning her gender. But underneath Miri’s disguise, beats a feminine heart in lust for Deacon McCallister. Though she spends a lot of time dreaming about her rival, she never expects to act upon her longings.


When Miri follows an outlaw to the fanciest whorehouse in Texas and crosses paths with her heart’s desire, she trades her buckskins for bare skin to play the part of Deacon’s paid companion.


Inside Scoop: Miri figures wrong when she thinks one taste of Deacon will be enough and quickly discovers her undercover lover has forever on his mind.

A Romantica®/Lawless erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


If you enjoyed the excerpt from Trouble In Disguise, it releases this morning from Ellora’s Cave. Later today it should be available at Amazon so I’m also posting the link for my Gem Sivad Amazon page.

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