The Ace High authors over at Wild and Wicked Cowboys kindly offered to host me, so I’m movin’ the campfire this Saturday, March 23rd!! Hope y’all will join me over there where I’m jawin’ about Polo in Wyoming and how it helped me create the hero in my current WIP!

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

For your enjoyment and as a thank you for stoppin’ on by, here’s a couple pictures from last summer’s Cowboy Polo match between the wranglers of two dude ranches here in the Sheridan area!

Each player was required to drink a can of beer, then play the first chukker.
After a brief half-time, another can of beer and another chukker.

cowboy polo one





The ball was destroyed during the first chukker, so the second period was played with a fooball.

Head on over the Wild and Wicked Cowboys to read how the “sport of kings” ended up in the “King of the Cowboy Towns!”

**Both photos were used with the permission of Perk Connell at the Big Horn Polo Club, Sheridan, Wyoming