We have us a fun time over at the Wild West, but there are times when fiddles need to be stored, yee-haws need to be hushed and we need to veer off the trail and rope in on an issue. One thing always valued in the Old West was children and here at Kirsten Lynn’s Wild West we keep that tradition alive. Our children should be treasured and protected. But unfortunately for thousands of children they are used as pawns by one parent in a vindictive “punishment” against the other. They are kidnapped by a parent they trust, brainwashed against another parent they love and scarred by one of the two people who should be protecting them from all harm.

So today, with her permission, I am re-posting Angeline De Luca’s thoughtful, heartfelt and inspiring review of CHASING THE CYCLONE by Peter Thomas Senese a man who not only writes about this devastating tempest, but lived in its terrifying path and snatched his son from the dark clouds before he was lost forever in the violent storm.


Blurb:  Paul Francesco is an independent, successful single man in his late thirties who has everything in the world going for him: financial stability with the real possibility of obtaining significant wealth, a dedicated and loyal group of family and friends, and a challenging, exciting, and rewarding career. Except Paul has one problem: he lives with a deep, dark secret that torments him: he is a ghost living in purgatory despite his relative success.

Unknown to Paul, there is an evil plan to extort his hard-earned assets from him and in the process deny him the one thing that is more important to him than anything else in the world: to be an active part of his son Alex’s life. Unfortunately, his innocent and trusting seven-year old son is at the center of this vicious and diabolical plot directed at him.

When things go from bad to worse to unbelievably insane – when judges choose not to uphold the laws of their nations, when law enforcement turns a blind eye, and when one government after another’s hands are tied due to bureaucratic issues of jurisdiction or non-participation of the international treaty on child abduction, the only thing that could prevent Alex from becoming another sad and sorry statistic on a report that nobody wants to read or think about is his father’s vow to never abandon him no matter what. As a result, Paul is forced to become a hunter, chasing the predators who have taken his son to the other side of the world. With the situation becoming more and more desperate, he is forced to find other resources to help him.

As the hunt moves across international borders, taking Francesco to the other side of the world, he gathers together an extraordinary group of individuals, each with their own powerful stories, to help him. The story moves from The United States and Canada, to the island nations of Oceania, and culminates in the horrifying black-markets of Asia.

Chasing The Cyclone by Peter Thomas Senese is written as a first-hand account of the growing epidemic that is international parental child abduction, and the extreme difficulties all parents whose child has been abducted must face in order to protect the welfare of their victimized child or children. This story makes clear what needs to be done both here in The United States and throughout the world in order to protect children from being abducted and taken across international borders.

Angeline’s Thoughts:  If I had to use one word to describe Chasing the Cyclone by Peter Thomas Senese it would be phenomenal.  As in remarkable.  Extraordinary.  I have read many books over the years, for enjoyment, for education, because I had to, because I wanted to.  I cannot think of any other book that comes close to making me feel as I did when I read this book.  I believe these feelings will stick with me forever.  This story, inspired by horrific events, is about the love between a father and a son.  And that love is beautiful.

Like the blurb states, Chasing the Cyclone takes us on Paul’s journey discovering his ex-wife’s deceptions at the expense of their son, Alex.  Kidnapping him with help from others; she relocates to New Zealand.  The failure of the court system is unreal, particularly before she leaves Canada.  Alex is a US Citizen, but since he was abducted from Canadian soil, the US could do nothing to help.  Those helping her try to extort Paul; did not have Alex’ welfare in mind.  They were greedy.  And evil.  Paul does everything he can to rescue his child.  With the help of several amazing people, he does just that.

We not only see the roller coaster ride Paul is on, we feel it.  Mr. Senese writes this story from his heart.  It is a subject he knows all too well after all.   The ups.  The downs.  And my goodness there is a lot of downs.  My heart broke.  I was spitting mad.  I was so frustrated many times.  I know what I felt, I can’t imagine what Paul felt.  Then he would see his son, the clouds would lift and the love between them bounced off the page; straight into my heart.

About a third of the way through the book, Paul is wondering how he will go about forgiving her “because that’s what it’s going to take for Alex to become whole again.”  I had to stop reading and think about this.  I admit that forgiveness was the last thing on my mind.  I had zero compassion towards the woman.  Then I was reminded that she is still the mother of his son.  Alex needs both his father and mother.  Although she was keeping him away from Paul, she does love Alex and Alex loves her.

Paul was absolutely right.  He would need to forgive her eventually, for Alex and his sake.  He also knew it wouldn’t be easy.  Forgiveness, an admirable quality to have and Paul has it.  More proof of what a good man Paul is.  A good man and full of grace.

Paul has amazing friends to help him through.  They stood by him, traveled with him and supported him without question.  In another life examining moment, I was thankful because I, too, have these kinds of friends (minus any special ops type training, of course).  I cherish each one of those friendships.  The basis of the book is tragic, but there is a lot of love shown in it too.

I could not put this book down.  Inspired by the realities a parent targeted for abduction faces, I knew before I read it that it would be emotional.  I, also, knew in my heart that this story was meant for me.  Not because I am going through anything similar or that I know of anyone else who is, but because I could be a voice for thousands upon thousands of children abducted by their own parent(s).  Our society is not aware of the enormity of international parental abduction.  It’s huge.  We need to educate ourselves.

Although Mr. Senese is reunited with his son, his work continues as was evidenced by a large number of sworn testimonials by many thankful parents who Mr. Senese has directly helped in either reuniting with their own child or preventing their child from being internationally abducted.  Establishing the I CARE Foundation and being closely involved in the rescue attempts of abducted children is but one of the many impactful acts of Mr. Senese.  Clearly, ‘involved’ for Mr. Senese means financially, emotionally, legally, and investigative support.  Hundreds of thousands of children are at risk.  With the work of Peter and the ICARE Foundation, not only have many children been rescued, but important legislation has been presented and the courts are being educated.  Mr. Senese is a lifeline for other Chasing Parents.  His selflessness is inspiring.  He is hope.

I have added Mr. Senese to my bucket list of people I’d love to meet in person in my lifetime.  It’s been a pleasure visiting with Mr. Senese over the last few weeks.  He is sincere and he is doing great things for other Chasing Parents.  Please visit his website to learn more about international parental abduction and to learn where to purchase Chasing the Cyclone.  Please educate yourself.  It is the least you can do for your children.

He weathered the storm and they will survive.

KIRSTEN AGAIN: Thanks to all who stopped by the campfire. I hope you’ll walk away with a new awareness to a crime that for too long has not received the spotlight it deserves, and you will do what you can to protect our children. A special thank you to Angeline De Luca from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews for this amazing review. I highly recommend whether you’re an author, a reader, or both you visit Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews for fantastic reviews with NO SNARK! And please friend Angeline on Facebook so you can keep up with all of her outstanding reviews!!


  1. What a thoughtful and important article. When children are used as a pawn for any reason, this is a sign of evil and of course, child abuse. However, when a child is stolen out of the country this is kidnapping.

    What you are referring to is much more widespread than anyone thinks. This horror inflected my family. Today, we are close to bringing home my sister’s grandson. But it has taken so much of our family’s entire resources, and we’re not scratching the nickle, so to speak.

    Clearly Peter Thomas Senese is a remarkable man. For Mr. Senese to come back to help other parents with such determination simply provides insight of a great man. I sure will now read Chasing The Cyclone. The reviews sound great. There is a wonderful statement that I like to hold close to me. “Greatness follows greatness.”

    • Kate, Thank you so much for stopping by today. I am so sorry for your family, and pray your sister’s grandson is brought home soon. This crime is like a plague taking its toll on every part of a family. And thank you for the wonderful statement, so true!

  2. I started reading Chasing the Cyclone last night and had a hard time putting it down. Thank you for the recommendation, Kirsten Lynn. And thank your friend Angeline, who wrote a review that so far, I agree with completely. I am about half-way through Peter Thomas Senese’s amazing novel, and I have to say with all the reading I have done, I have never had a book make me feel the array of emotions that I am feeling while reading this story. And along the way, I sure am getting an education that actually may prove to be very helpful in a family member’s own situation, as she is separated from her child’s father, who is not a U.S. citizen and has strong ties to the country he was born in. Pretty scary stuff.

      • Thank you for sharing this information with me and your other readers. It is that important.

        I went to the website earlier today and filled out the contact form, asking a few questions. An hour later, I received a detailed email from the author about some issues my family is facing. His insight and suggestions were immensely helpful and things we didn’t think about.

        God’s Blessings,
        Marilyn Jones

        • You are most welcome, Marilyn. I am so glad you visited the site and Peter was able to address your questions and assist your family!

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