Yee-Haw!! I just took home an honorable mention from Siobhan Muir’s ThursThread (flash fiction) with author Scott Mckinley judging!  Thanks to both Siobhan and Scott! This was a fun exercise to get the ol’ brain workin’!

For those wandering what flash fiction is: you’re given a phrase that has to be incorporated in a scene no longer than 250 words. The phrase for this contest was “Nothing personal, Kid.”

If y’all wanna check out the prose that took this prize, I’ve included the scene below!

“Sonofabitch!” Jack grabbed the foot the protesting big toe hopping like that might ease the throbbing pain. All effects of the whiskey consumed in town died in a flash of pain. “That goddamn trunk…”

A baby’s cry split the air. Every muscle tensed like a well stretched rope. The orange glow of gaslight unveiled a woman’s form gliding across the floorboards of his bedroom to a crib. Was he at the wrong ranch?
Words of comfort drifted back to him as she held the baby until loud bellows turned to hiccups.

Jack dropped his foot. “That ain’t mine!”

The angel in a white cotton gown angled her head meeting his gaze. Green eyes flashed with fire. Lines creased her brow. “Of course he’s not, ya fool. But he’s my responsibility and if I’m sharing your bed, he’s gotta come, too. I can’t be leavin’ him alone.”

“Sharin’ my…” He whistled low remembering morning by the breaking ring.

“Sorry, it’s nothin’ personal, Kid.”

“I’m not a Kid. I just outrode and out roped every man here.”

“There’s a depression goin’ on, Little Lady. Men got families to feed.”

“I need to feed mine, too. What do ya suggest I do?”

“Can ya ride a man like ya handled that mustang?”

“Better.” He saw the lie in her red cheeks.

“Fine. Show up tonight and ya got yerself a job in the house and out.”


Two sets of green eyes stared at him as he returned to the present. “Sonofabitch.”


    • Thanks, Gem!! I didn’t know these two existed until last night, but now they’re nudging (okay more like shoving) to have the rest of the story told. So, I think you’ll see more of Jack in the future. I have extremely pushy people in my head. 🙂

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