Cookie, knock it off with the drum roll!   The winner is Alison R.!!!      mpE9T0q1KiIvb5yVSitPisw

Thanks so much Alison and everyone else who stopped by Cookie’s fandango and wishing Tex lots of success!!!

Tex, may this be your first step down the trail to New York Times Bestseller!!!

See y’all round the campfire soon!

–Kirsten Lynn




Sorry, we’re a bit late gettin’ this fandango started, but Cookie had to get the cake juuuust right…I swear sometimes that man can drive me to drink tainted water. Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout you Mr. Top Chef…Get on over there and start cuttin’ that dad-burned cake and let’s get this party started…


mpE9T0q1KiIvb5yVSitPiswWHOOO-EEEEE, YEEEEE-HAW, AND RING THE DINNER BELL, HOOT AND HOLLER!!  We’re celebratin’ like it’s Christmas round the campfire and that’s because the brand new publisher, Prairie Rose Publications has just released it’s brand spankin’ new Christmas anthology WISHING FOR A COWBOY (and let’s be serious who’d turn away a cowboy if ya found one under the tree). Eight beautiful, heartwarming, tear educing, perfect holiday stories by eight beautiful, heartwarming and bordering on perfect authors!!



ANNND as excited as we all are here round the campfire for all the wonderful authors and the new publishing house, our buttons are plumb bustin’ for Kathleen Rice Adams, aka Tex!!! YIPPEEEEE KI YAY!!! This is Kathleen’s big premiere, but it won’t be her last. I read her story PEACHES in the anthology and if your heart doesn’t grow three sizes too big after finishing it then I’ll send Cookie round to slap ya upside the head with the cast iron skillet ’cause you are guaranteed to fall in love with Whit, Ruth, the children and yes even those three busybodies! Seriously, one of the best Christmas stories I’ve read!!

I can’t wait to read the other offerings! Knowing Cheryl Pierson, Livia Washburn, Phyliss Miranda, Tracy Garrett, Sarah J. McNeal, Jacquie Rogers, and Tanya Hanson each will be a sweet treat for the season!

Here’s a sneak peek of all the stories in WISHING FOR A COWBOY! AND FOLKS TEX IS OFFERIN’ UP A FREE E-COPY OF THE ANTHOLOGY TO ONE LUCKY COMMENTER!! YEP, IT’S A PARTY FOR HER AND SHE’S BRINGIN’ THE GIFT!! (Winner will be announced Sunday, November 3rd since Cookie held up the works…Don’t give me the skunk eye duffer, I told ya the first cake was fine…)

So, grab a hunk of cake (please just the cake not Cookie), a mug of Arbuckles and wish these fabulous authors and Prairie Rose all the best and smooth trails!! And Tex a big ol’ welcome to the ranks of published author and here’s to many, many, many more for everyone at Prairie Rose!!

“A Christmas Miracle” by Phyliss Miranda
Mattie Jo Ashley has lost too many people she loves. First, her outlaw father then her mother. She is determined not to lose her baby sister to a mysterious disease.
Because she feels shamed by the problems her father forced upon the townspeople of Carroll Creek, Texas and now suffers their disdain, Mattie Jo cannot turn to her community for help. She has no choice but to seek aid from the shy, but skilled local doctor.
Dr. Grant Spencer has every confidence in his abilities as a third generation doctor, but is sorely in need of self worth in other areas of his life.
When Mattie Jo unleashes havoc in the community and takes Grant to the brink of testing his courage and fortitude as both a doctor and a man, all discover the true Christmas spirit and the power of genuine love and acceptance.

“Outlaw’s Kiss” by Cheryl Pierson
Talia Delano has been humiliated before the entire town of Rock Creek by Jake Morgan. A known gunman, Jake has bid an outrageous sum for Talia’s “boxed supper”, a kiss, and the gift of her time for the rest of the Independence Day celebration. But, as always, Jake changes the rules and takes more than he should—especially with the whole town watching. Talia’s chance of happiness is dashed, along with her reputation, when Jake leaves Rock Creek suddenly.
When he shows up five months later at her farmhouse, wounded, and in the midst of a blinding snowstorm, she can’t turn him away—even though she knows being along with him will cause tongues to wag once more. But with Christmas
only two days away, how can she harden her heart against the handsome outlaw who has no place else to go—even if he is being trailed by someone just as dangerous? Magic and danger are woven together in the OUTLAW’S KISS.

“A Husband for Christmas” by Sarah J. McNeal
Jane Pierpont and her son, Robin, survived the Titanic, but her husband went down with the ship and the emotional scars of that night have kept her and her son locked into that frightening event. Robin is terrified of deep water and Jane has nightmares and survivor’s guilt. She yearns for a family, a loving husband and maybe another child, but she feels disloyal to Michael’s memory whenever Teekonka Red Sky comes near her.
Teekonka Red Sky loves Jane and her son, but all his efforts to help them past their painful memories of the night Michael Pierpont died have been unsuccessful. Unwilling to give up, can his Lakota beliefs help him bring peace to Robin and free Jane to love again?

“Peaches” by Kathleen Rice Adams
Running a ranch and fending off three meddlesome aunts leaves Whit McCandless no time, and even less patience, for the prickly new schoolmarm’s greenhorn carelessness. The teacher needs educating before somebody gets hurt. Ruth Avery can manage her children and her school just fine without interference from some philistine of a rancher. If he’d pay more attention to his cattle and less to her affairs, they’d both prosper.
He didn’t expect to need rescuing. She never intended to fall in love.

“A Gift For Rhoda” by Jacquie Rogers
A mail-order bride disaster!
Rhoda Johnson is stranded in a lonely cabin without a groom. The townsfolk say she’s better off without him, but her drunken groom sends a message that he’ll claim her as his Christmas bride. Gunman and ex-Confederate soldier Nate Harmon comes to Idaho to make peace with his abolitionist preacher father. When half-frozen Nate reaches the cabin on a snowy Christmas Eve, instead of his parents, he’s greeted by a pretty blonde with a shotgun who keeps calling him Mr. Snyder. Will she shoot him, or melt his heart?

“Her Christmas Wish” by Tracy Garrett
Even a woman capable of living on her own…
Kathryn McConnell is a widow celebrating a milestone birthday alone. Though she feels a woman should be able to mourn the passing of her thirtieth birthday any way she wants, she won’t turn away a cowboy in need of lodging—until she learns it’s the man she’d expected to marry thirteen years earlier.
…never forgets her first love.
Will O’Brien had challenged his father’s prejudice against the woman he loved only to discover he was unable to stand against his family’s wealth and connections. Without a way to support his bride, Will struck out for the west, determined to earn a living for them both. When he returned after two years with no word from Katie, he found she’d married another and moved away. Heartbroken, he returns to his work, but never stops hoping to find her.
When chance lands Will at the remote stagecoach station run by the widowed Kathryn, he grabs at the opportunity he’s been handed, hoping to win back the only woman he has ever loved.

“Covenant” by Tanya Hanson
Alone, abandoned, struck with guilt and grief, mail order bride Ella Green refuses to celebrate their first wedding anniversary by herself on the Nebraska homestead. Her fault Charlotte died.
Her fault her husband couldn’t stick around. So it’s back to Pennsylvania. Until the snow hits.
But do the springerle cookie molds depicting her life–Carsten’s hand-carved courtship gifts to her across the miles–still have more story to tell?
Or is it truly The End?
Widower Carsten Green took on a bride merely to tend his little daughter. Unbeknownst to Ella, he gave her his heart instantly. Yet he believed she’s got no reason to stay after the child’s death. So he’s left her first.
How can the Christmas blizzard separating them warm their hearts, brighten their future, and ignite love gone cold?

“Charlie’s Pie” by Livia J. Washburn
Lauralee Brannam just wants to bake her son’s favorite pie for his birthday, which happens to fall on Christmas Eve. But then a wounded stranger shows up on her Texas ranch, and his fateful visit leads to violence, tragedy, and redemption in this stirring Western tale.