WHOO-EEEE, YEEEE-HAW, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!!  We are whoopin’ it up like it’s never been whooped up before here round the campfire!!  I am dancin’ a jib, boot-scootin’ and burstin’ at the seams!!! (It’s not a pretty sight, but I’m too happy to care) Yep, I’m doin’ the Walter Huston dance!!

_1361198876I’m published!!!!!  **Fires into the air**  “Sorry boys!”  Seems I started a little stampede anyway…

RACE TO MARRY with Josie Allison and Cal Renner has been published in the anthology LASSOING A GROOM by Prairie Rose Publications!  Cookie get away from Josie before ya start a brawl…or she bashes ya over the head with the fry pan!

PRPLassoing a Groom Web

Isn’t that just about the prettiest thing ya ever did see!!

Come on ‘round y’all!! Cookie’s set out a spread on the saw horse table complete with potato salad, beans, biscuits and a dressed out steer in turning on the spit.  Watch out for the moonshine at the end it’s an old family recipe, too much and it’s see ya next week!  🙂 Dancin’ will start right soon, once the fiddle gets tuned!  Get that dagummed fiddle tuned!

But we’ll forgive Cookie because well…. cookie








Some of my Prairie Rose sisters will be stoppin’ by to share a bit about their stories and of course partake in the moonshine! 🙂  These gals are pure talent wrapped up in the nicest and most supportive group to ride the trail!   **The cowpokes might be scarce at this time as some of these gals have what we call sticky fingers when it comes to the boys**  😉

cakeTo top off the celebratin’ I’m giving away TWO e-books of LASSOING A GROOM!  One from Josie and one from Cal!  So, leave a comment, ask a question, or all of the above and include your contact information! I’ll draw names after the party and announce the winners tomorrow mornin’!





Now allow me to be a proud new author and introduce you to a RACE TO MARRY!

Desperate to save her family ranch, Josie Allison, signs up for a bride race then begs a cowboy to put his John Hancock down to catch her. Marrying a man you don’t know is crazy, but there’s something about this cowboy that makes Josie want to trust him with her land and maybe even her heart. And Josie knows marrying a man you do know can be twice as loco.  

Cal Renner came to Sheridan, Wyoming for one thing: ride the horse known as a man-killer and use the purse money to buy his own ranch. When a woman proposes to him five minutes after his feet touch Sheridan dirt, he’s sure a Wyoming asylum is missing a patient. But when she turns those summer green eyes his way the promise of a family to go with that ranch is too hard to resist. 

When secrets are revealed and enemies join the race, Cal and Josie will have to learn to trust each other because the race to the altar has turned into the race for their hearts.

Thanks so much for coming by and helping me celebrate!! Really, this is a dream come true and I hope y’all fall in love with Josie and Cal like I did! A HUGE THANK YOU to Cheryl, Livia, and Kathleen from Prairie Rose for believing in me and loving my characters!

Cal’s still gettin’ all duded up!  (I’m just gonna stand here and watch the process…see he’s not disturbed and all) **sees Josie comin’ fast and skedaddles**          cal

If you don’t win a copy, you can always buy one! Here’s the links!

PRPLassoing a Groom Web

Amazon Link

Barnes & Noble Link

Barnes & Noble Link


  1. I hafta say I’m just tickled as an otter in the water for you, Rustler! Let’s fire a few shots in the air and pour a little firewater down our gullets. It’s two-step time!

    • YEE-HAW, Trail Boss! I’m with ya! Thanks so much for all the encouragement! Bring on the Colts and Moonshine! So glad to be sharing this anthology with you and the other Roses! Lots of great reading between the covers! 🙂

      –Kirsten Lynn

      • You can’t go wrong with the PRP anthologies. I thought the first one, WISHING FOR A COWBOY was great, but they just keep getting better. It’s a wonderful group of gals and none of ’em mind bellying up to the bar and having a little party now and again, especially to welcome greenhorns such as yerself. For that reason, I think y’all ought to buy the house a round. Then you’ll be fully initiated and ready to go rope some readers–and they’re wanting to be caught!

        • The BBQ, Shirtless Cowboys and Moonshine isn’t initiation enough? Well, all right, next time we’re at the local watering hole I’ll get the first round. 🙂


  2. Your story sounds wonderful. How do you decide if your story idea will be a short story or a full length novel.

    • Thanks so much, Kristin! I don’t really decide, unless I’m writing for a specific anthology or submission, the characters just tell me their story and when it’s done, it’s done. RACE TO MARRY was a story I wrote for something fun on my website and Cal and Josie just shared so much. Then I revised it to appear in LASSOING A GROOM. It’s always up to the characters how long their story is going to be. I sat down one year thinking I’d write a quick Christmas novella and it turned into over 100,000 words. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating with me!

      –Kirsten Lynn

  3. Kirsten, I’m SOOOO happy for you! I’ll join you in dancing like we just don’t care. Can’t wait to tell people that I know a real published author 🙂

    • Thanks, Alison!!! You’ve been one of my biggest supporters since the beginning! I can always count on you to join the crazy dance! 🙂


  4. Congratulations, Kirsten!!! I’m so excited for you–and thrilled to be a part of this wonderful anthology.

    Thanks for the invite to share… My story is WANTED: THE SHERIFF. He’s a confirmed bachelor…but she’ll capture his heart.

    • Thanks for stopping by the campfire, Tracy! I’m thrilled to be in the same anthology as you and the other extremely talented Roses. I LOVED your story WANTED: THE SHERIFF! This is an unbelievable day!


  5. Thanks, Kristy! I agree, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your writing! I’m blessed to share LASSOING A GROOM with a very talented bunch of authors! Glad you found Cal yummy, I did, too. **looks left and right to make sure Josie’s not in ear shot**

    And thank you for turning the spotlight on me, but CANYON CROSSING deserves some sun! Folks, this is a wonderful story with a heroine and hero you can root for and a nice paranormal twist that is woven just perfectly into the story and characters’ lives.

    Go grab some of Cookie’s coffee, Kristy, that’ll open your eyeballs real fast. 🙂

  6. Kirsten,

    Congratulations to you and our sister authors who have stories in the Prairie Rose Publications’ summer anthologies. I’ve just purchased my very own copies of Lassoing a Groom and Lassoing a Bride, and I’m eager to read them.

    • Thanks so much, Kaye, and thanks so much for grabbing a copy of each! You’re going to love the stories!

      –Kirsten Lynn

  7. Kirsten, I absolutely loved Josie and Cal and the story of how their relationship comes to take place. LOVE IT! You have always been so supportive of so many authors, giving us time around your campfire to be interviewed and talk about our stories, and Livia and I are just thrilled that your story is in Lassoing a Groom! We’re looking forward to your other stories, too, coming up! I know you have one planned for a couple of our holiday anthologies in the future, and your novel will be coming out with Prairie Rose Publications in the future, too!

    Good things are headed your way, and Livia and I are so proud to be a part of it with you!

    Now…y’all just go ahead and celebrate, cause I see Cookie down to the crick and he’s wavin’ at me to come on down there…so I’m a sneakin’ off real quiet-like for a few minutes…

    • Cheryl,

      I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more, THANK YOU and Livia for giving Josie, Cal and me a chance! You’ve made the whole publishing process such a joy and I’m glad to call you both not only editors and publishers, but friends. 🙂 I look forward to working with you both in the future and can’t wait to announce the novel!!! (That hero and heroine have been waiting a long, long piece to have their story heard by someone else but me).

      All that being said…Stay away from my coook!! 🙂

  8. I loved the little dancing video.
    Aren’t these anthologies fantastic? I am so happy for you. I know Race to Marry is going to be wonderful. I wish you the very best.

    • Hi Sarah!! So glad you could stop by and join the Walter Huston dance! 🙂 I agree, these anthologies are so much fun and getting to know all you Roses has been a hoot! Thanks so much for your kind words about RACE TO MARRY! All the best and many sales to you, too, with the anthology and the re-release of your Wilder series!

      –Kirsten Lynn

    • The boys know their way around a shindig, that’s for sure! But it’s the guests that make it a party! Thanks, Jacquie!

  9. Congratulations and the anthology sounds great. I should say anthologies as I was lucky enough to be gifted with both off a draw earlier; so look forward to finding time to sit down and read. I like this site. Good scenery 🙂

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