WHOO-EEE folks!! This is Cookie here, yep the myth the legend at your service! Kirsten’s off for a couple days doin’ some cotton pickin’ history thingamajig and with a bunch of those seafarin’ types, so I’m turnin’ this trail into my own fandango!!

So talk to ol’ Cookie folks! What do y’all like about Western romances?  What’s yer favorite place in the West (Hint: Wyomin’) Just funnin’ with ya!  What is it about us cowboys that really butter yer biscuits?  Just jaw for a bit about the West, old and new, and I’m spendin’ the boss lady’s hard earned coin to giveaway a free e-book (commenter’s choice from any past Roundups) to one of y’all.

Don’t leave ol’ Cookie alone ’round the campfire (’cause honest it’s a bit lonely without the boss lady) Come on in and sit a spell. Let’s talk Colts, Cowboys, Beeves, Spurs, Chaps and yer favorite trails West!




  1. Hope you’re enjoying your history thingamajig. I’ve finished reading all the “Game of Thrones,” so I’m starting on my backlog 🙂 You know Wyoming always gets my vote as the best of the west!

    • Thank ya, Alison, darlin’ for comin’ on over and keepin’ me company while Kirsten’s off the trail. I always did tell the boss lady you had great taste in Western local, Wyomin’ is Cowboy Country for sure!


  2. Cookie, Kirsten’s gonna nail yer hide to the barn wall if’n she gets back to find her herd rustled cuz you was sittin’ around chewin’ the fat ‘stead of keepin’ yer eyes peeled. You know them grubline riders she hires is downright shiftless if’n somebody ain’t watchin’ ’em.

    **shaking head in dismay**

    • WHOO Dogies! It’s a all out fandango now!! Kathleen, sweetheart, bless yer heart for carin’ about ol’ Cookie! But I know how to deal with the boss lady. You could say I know just how much butter she takes on a biscuit. *winks* So we can whoop it up all night, and don’t fret I have my eye on those young buckaroos, Kirsten keeps round just to spite me. I haven’t lost one beeve, and I don’t plan on one gettin’ past me today. So come on over and jaw a bit and just leave the boss to me.


  3. Cookie,

    I hate to tell ya, Cookie, but it ain’t the beeves you need to be worrin’ about. Why, that there woman ain’t happy ’til she’s taken the whole dang pan of…biscuits. I know cause I’ve had a few…’er, biscuits snatched by her along the way. Nonetheless, **extending cup**….I will take a splash of that there coffee you’ve got brewing up over the fire. Strong & bold, just like I like my men. Whoot!! ;-P

    • Aw, Cindy, honey step down outta that buggy and I’ll pour ya a nice big mug of my special brew. *mouth turns in drop dead smile* Yer not holdin’ a little friendly rustlin’ against the boss. Why she treats the new “recruits” like gold. And iffin’ you and Kathleen would stop paradin’ those boys before her eyes every Friday, ya might hold onto a few. But no matter, it’s always ol’ Cookie’s fire she ends up at. *winks*


  4. Hi there! Love the west and love that fella up there 🙂 He’s mighty pleasin on the eye. Cowboys just make me all mushy inside. My favorite west is good ole Wyoming with a dash of Montana thrown in.

    • Aw shucks, Miss Ashley *kicks clod of dirt with toe of his boot* Why that tintype wasn’t even me at my best, but thank ya darlin’. Now don’t go gettin’ the vapors ’round all us cowpokes, better sit on down and brace your backbone with a mug. And Wyomin’ with a dash of Montana, Whoo-eee gal yer speakin’ ol’ Cookie’s language! Y’all just come over and sit by me. *pats ground next to him with a big ol’ grin*


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